The Pavilion Glasgow … Peter Pan

The Magical Adventures of Peter Pan
30th November 2011 until 21st January 2012

And it’s the story that everyone thinks they know, the Magical story of the boy who refuses to grow up. Well that all changes for a traditional fun filled Panto Adventure at the Pavilion. Follow Peter, Wendy and Michael on a Magical journey that’s bound to go wrong along the way. Join in the fun and shout at the mischievous Captain Hook and his two silly Pirates, Smee and Smelly. Will Charlie the Croc bite off more than he can chew?

Help Tinkercat, Nanny and the Lost Boys to make sure that the kids come to no harm. And don’t forget to look out for Nana the dog who is sure to make a mess
in more ways than one.

All in all, it’s a fun filled adventure for all the ages, a true Pavilion panto.

It’s the panto that’s full of fun, starring the Hilarious Jim Davidson as Captain Hook, Dean Park as Nanny, Cat Harvey as Tinker Cat, Johnny Mac as Peter Pan, Nieve Jennings as Wendy, James McAnerney as Smelly and James Young as Smee.

With a Brand New Script, New Stage Sets and Stunning New Costumes this is sure to be the best affordable Family Panto in Town.
Generous discounts and concessions at all performances with great Family Value Tickets on selected dates. It’s the FAMILY PANTO for all ages in true Pavilion style.

Tickets are sure to fly out the door, so book early to avoid the rush

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