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Oops A Non Believer

Oops A Non Believer
Oops A Non Believer
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Personalised Santa Letters and Certificate Samples

Dear Natalie

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my special friend, from all here in the North Pole.

As I was writing to one of the younger children on my Nice List, I realised that I needed to take a moment to
write to one of my older friends.

As you grow up, many people may say that I don’t exist, but they don’t know the magic of Christmas.
Christmas is the glow of lights, the smell of cookies, the sound of carols and the joy of giving. You will learn as
you mature, that the true spirit of Christmas is spread not by me, but by you, and your kindness, generosity
and love. Those who truly understand the magic of Christmas show these wonderful qualities and I know that
you too, really do hold Christmas in your heart.

Natalie you have been working so hard this year, achieving fantastic results in your schoolwork, learning to
play the clarinet and having fun at Guides, which is wonderful for a young lady of 11 years old. Your Auntie
Susan is very proud of you. Keep up the good work.

Christmas is my most favourite time of year here in the North Pole. As I sit here in my cosy study, I can see
Holly Top Hill in the distance and the tracks which the elves have left behind in the glistening snow.
They were holding a sledging party earlier this week as they do love to have races with one another after a
busy day creating Christmas surprises in my workshop.

Natalie, I will soon be on my long journey, to visit your home in Winterley to deliver a most precious Christmas
gift, a fantastic iPhone 6 which I know you have been wishing for. I mustn’t forget your best friend Lou Lou,
who is also high on the Christmas Nice List.

Be happy and bright this magical season. Enjoy all the Christmas activities and please remember that it’s a
very busy time of year for parents.  A helping hand will keep you at the top of my Good List, along with a
tasty mince pie and a carrot for Prancer!

Your good friend Santas Signature

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