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Rocking Santa

Rocking Santa
Rocking Santa
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Personalised Santa Letters and Certificate Samples
Hello Lachlan

I am well on the way to getting all the presents together, Rudolph is getting fat so that he doesn’t run out of energy before I finish delivering all the gifts. I will be flying over Dundee on Christmas Eve so I’ll make sure I don’t miss you or your best friend Jack.

I know what you want for Christmas, a Boomer the Zoomer Dino Pet, but I am having a little trouble getting one of your presents. I won’t give up though, because I know that you have been a very good boy for most of this year and as you are 8 years old that is so nice to hear. I’m really pleased when you are good.

I have received a fantastic report from McSprinkles Elf, who informs me that you have been very busy this year:

- working very hard at school
- doing well with your swimming
- and gaining lots of badges for gymnastics

Well done Lachlan, keep up the good work! You make everybody so very proud, especially your teacher, Mrs McMurray.

My elves are so busy now that Christmas is just around the corner. I am having a difficult job keeping them going, but I have promised them a holiday when all the presents are ready so that is something they are looking forward to.

Mrs Claus is busy getting all the reindeer ready because she does that better than me, and she likes the snow. We get so much snow here that she spends most of her time out in it. Ho Ho Ho

Don’t forget to leave a tasty snack for Prancer on Christmas Eve. I always enjoy the cookies and glass of brandy you kindly provide.

I hope you have a very nice Christmas Lachlan and continue to be good next year so that I can come and visit you again when I’m whizzing by Westminster Drive.

Merry Christmas with love from

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